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"Awesomize Your Eyes" - Clearly See the Difference!

Modern digital displays have antiquated Polarized lenses!
 The only alternative to polarization is "Extreme Glare" Technology! Those with sensitive eyes have no better choice to enjoy daylight.

Proudly made in the USA, Zurich Extreme Glare sunglasses are non-polarized and designed for extreme glare conditions using state of the art coatings and techniques.

Today's new digital LED / LCD screens are difficult to read with Polarization. Zurich "Extreme Glare" technology allows accurate reading of all digital instruments without the visual interference caused by Polarized lenses. Our products are one hundred percent guaranteed.

Pilots, boaters, sports and hobby enthusiasts...everyone under the sun...benefit from the maximum protection available from this advanced technology. Anyone sensitive to the sun and glare, and those in the sun for extended time are assured that Extreme Glare Sunglasses are consistently rated the best available and far superior to Polarization. Z | XG sunglasses offer the best available eye protection, and also protects the delicate skin around the eyes. "Extreme Glare" offers true protection to your eyes. This could be a literal eye opener for you!  We guarantee all our products will provide 100% satisfaction or your money will be promptly refunded.